Medical Facilitators and Medical Tourism

What is a Medical Facilitator?

Medical Facilitators make the difference between a patient’s decision to travel or not. We are the face of the Medical Travel Industry and act as its organizers by being involved in the coordination of patient care when going from one country to another.

A Medical Facilitator listens to the needs of the patient and contacts the most suitable providers to come up with the most personalized treatment plan that meets the patient’s exact needs. It's not only about finding a medical professional, but it's also about getting to know the patient and finding the best option considering the quality of care, accessible prices and how much time the patient has available for traveling.

We set up flights, hotels, transportation and of course, medical appointments. The doctors are available for telephone or online conversations if the patient requires it, and depending on the procedure tourism is also available, whether it’s a private car tour of the city or if the Doctor allows, wine tasting in Mendoza or viewing the Glaciers at Perito Moreno National Park.

Medical travel is not a decision anyone takes lightly, and neither do we, so we make sure the treatment plans are planned carefully and with extra attention to detail. We do this with a fantastic team of health professionals, tourism agents, and a medical facilitator that puts it all together. In the US we have staff available around the clock, and in Argentina, PatagoniaMed officers make traveling more straightforward, such as picking up the patients from the airport and taking them to medical appointments. 

Why Choose PatagoniaMed for Medical Travel?

There are so many areas involved in Medical Tourism, and I believe we’ve strived in building a smart and efficient system that’s personalized and very comfortable for the patient. Yes, our clinics and Medical Professionals are abroad, but our Customer Care office is in the US. That’s because our availability to the patient is key to building trust and seeing a friendly face nearby.

Another critical area is cost, and it’s one of the reasons we began offering Medical Tourism in the first place, we provide world-class care at a fraction of the prices in the US. Our costs are around 70% less than in the US, 45% less than Mexico and 35% less than Colombia.

Argentina is a beautiful country, with so much to offer. From the mighty Iguazu Falls in the north to the Andes highest peaks and the crackling advance of the Glacier Perito Moreno. All are stunning sights and adventures. Buenos Aires is Argentina’s big cosmopolitan City with 19-Century buildings; it is home to the iconic presidential palace, fantastic museums and its home to the Colon Theater, considered one of the top five opera houses in the World by National Geographic.

Another area we believed was vital was making the medical procedure the main topic of conversation, and not the costs or bills. So we strived to make this as simple and straightforward as possible. That means there are only two bills, a small down payment before you fly and the rest when you arrive in Argentina, and after having met your Doctor. That’s it. No hidden fees. No extra bills that come months later. No taxes or co-pays. Just one simple bill.