How it all began

Our team, now made up of medical professionals, travel experts and communication specialists was once a small team with big ideas.

Everything began on our first trip to Argentina where we saw how the health care system worked, and what private health care could offer newcomers. We saw that not only was there was an option for high-quality care for lower prices but that the kind of attention we got in Buenos Aires was much more than we had ever gotten back home.


Having to get medical procedures is never easy, it’s not something anyone takes lightly, and it felt like whenever we spoke to friends and family, there were always issues arising, not even from the medical procedure itself, but from the costs, indifferent if they had insurance or not. It was still about bills, co-pays, premiums, out of pocket costs, etc., how could it be that the medical procedure wasn't even the main topic of conversation? Everyone always kept talking about the insurance companies and the high prices associated with health care, the long wait times. There had to be a better option, and that’s when we saw an opportunity.

We spoke directly to the Medical Tourism Association, told them about the existing organization and how we wanted to branch out and begin offering Medical Travel options for individuals in the US and Canada. A few months later we were certified as Certified Medical Tourism Facilitators (CMTF) and our new company, PatagoniaMed was and is the first and only Certified Medical Tourism Company in Argentina.